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Are you confused and tired of trying to piece everything together when it comes to your Fire TV/Stick, Android TV Box and Kodi?  The Fire Unleashed E-Course has everything you need in one place so you can save time and start enjoying unlimited movies, tv shows, sports, etc.  

  • Use our SMART START Video Guide – Be Up & Running In Less Than 1 Hour
  • Install Kodi Media Center Onto Your Fire TV/Stick Or Android Box
  • Eliminate Buffering Once & For All With New State-Of-The-Art Ram Detection Tool & Unrestricted Downloader
  • One-Click Install Dozens Of Most Popular Kodi Addons With The Single Click Of A Button Through The Best Kodi Wizards
  • Choose From Over 300 Premium Kodi Builds With Many Optimized For Fire TV/Stick
  • Quickly Clone Fire TV Device To Give As Gift
  • Build A Home Media Server & Connect It To Your Fire TV Device & Kodi
  • Play Unlimited Games From Nintendo, Super Nintendo, PlayStation, & More On Your Fire TV/Stick And Android TV Box
  • Connect Your Fire TV Or Android TV Box To Cloud Storage & Easily Access Your Files & Applications
  • New One-File Transfer Tool – Better For Cloning Devices

Learn The Secrets Of The Fire TV/Android Boxes & Kodi

troy-troypoint-logoFire Unleashed is a premium e-course and membership site bundled into one product, with all content exclusively produced by Troy from TROYPOINT.  You will enjoy full access to 33 lessons with over six hours of video instruction relating to Fire TV / Fire TV Stick, Android TV Boxes, and Kodi.

A new feature within the e-course is our SMART START guide which will have you up and running in less than one hour!

Most online e-courses consist of  educational material that is never updated or added to.  We don’t believe in that model and members of Fire Unleashed will have unlimited access to all current lessons as well as videos added in the future.  Again, you learn at your own pace since your membership will never expire.  

This e-course was designed by listening to over 100,000 TROYPOINT E-letter subscribers and the problems/questions that they face on a continual basis.

This is the only resource that you will ever need to unleash the power of your Fire TV/Stick or Android TV Box.  Our updated information will keep your devices running at optimal levels.  

You have absolutely nothing to lose and we are so confident in this e-course/membership site that we back it with a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

Some Of The Popular Lessons That You Will Have Access To




Unleash The True Power Of Kodi

kodi-iconOnce Kodi Media Center is installed on your Fire TV/Stick or Android TV Box, the possibilities are endless!  Amazon removed Kodi from its App Store because of the threat that it poses to the dying entertainment industry.  

This e-course will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to leverage the power of Kodi and the thousands of tv, movie, news, and live sports addons that are available and actually work.

Stop searching high and low for the perfect Kodi configuration.  This e-course will show you how to leverage the power of Kodi Wizards that will spawn magic into your device.

You will also learn two techniques to stop buffering once and for all.



Install The Most Popular Kodi Addons With The Push Of A Button!

Choose From 300 Amazing Kodi Builds That Will Automatically Install All Important Addons
& Configure Settings With The Click Of A Button

 Here Are A Few Of Many That Will Install – Plus You Get The Live TV Guide!
Movies – TV Shows – Live Sports – Kids Entertainment – Pay-Per-View Events

Plus Hundreds More That Actually Work… 


Build A Home Media Server
& Connect It To Your Fire TV Device

Utilize Free Home Media Server Software

Stream Home Videos, Family Pictures, Moives, TV Shows, Etc.


computer-fire-tvEvery family deserves a home media server where family videos, pictures, movies, and tv shows can be streamed to network connected devices throughout the residence.

You will learn how to put together a home media server and connect it via wireless network to your Fire TV/Stick and Android TV Boxes within your home.

Now, you and your family have a central location to store all of the family pictures and videos that you are constantly taking with your smartphone.  



Customize Backgrounds & Menus
Within Kodi Media Center

Create Menu Items To Your Favorite Areas Within Kodi

Use Free Image Editor To Create High Res Background Graphics


 Customize-Skin-MenusWouldn’t you love to add menu items to your Kodi Skin so that you can quickly access your favorite addons, live television streams, or games?  You will learn how to quickly add new menu items to your Kodi Skin, which will provide you with complete control of your entertainment experience.

You will also learn how to create high resolution backgrounds that will replace the default images that come with the skin.  Have fun adding your favorite movie, music, and game graphics to represent your various menu items.


Learn How To Use A Free Image Editor To Create Stunning Kodi Backgrounds


Download & Play Old School Classics
Right On Your Fire TV/Stick Or Android TV Box

Multiple Game Systems In One!

Super Nintendo, Nintendo, PlayStation, Game Boy & More

Plus Learn How To Configure Game Controllers



Since the Fire TV/Stick and Android TV Boxes are based off the Android Operating System, these devices can handle emulators and roms just fine!  You may ask, “What is an emulator and rom?”  An emulator is a piece of software that “emulates” an older gaming console and the roms are game files that load into the emulator.  You will have hours of fun playing your old-school favorites!  


Install Android App Store

Download & Install FREE Android Apps Directly To Your Fire TV/Stick or Android TV Box

Includes A List Of Android Apps Compatible With Your Streaming Devices



Learn how to install a 3rd party Android app store and install games and applications directly from the user interface!  Many of the best Android apps can be found in this extensive app store.

Simply browse for the Android app that you want, click the install button, and it will be loaded onto your Fire TV/Stick or Android TV Box. 

This lesson will also provide you with a large list of applications that have been reported as working on the Fire TV/Stick by the experts within this hobby. 



Quickly Clone Your Fire TV/Stick Or Android Box

Gift Your Cloned Devices To Family & Friends

“Loaded” Kodi Devices Make The Perfect Gift!


Since both the Fire TV/Stick and Android Boxes are relatively inexpensive, you can provide your friends and family with some really nice gifts.  The Fire Unleashed e-course will provide you with instructions on how to quickly clone your Kodi device so you can gift to friends and family.  

Rather than configuring Kodi manually on each device, the e-course will teach you how to clone your existing setup.  Stop wasting your valuable time installing each addon individually and inputting the proper settings for each device that you setup.

NEW!  All members now have the opportunity to become a Fire Unleashed Affiliate.  Simply advertise your unique Fire Unleashed web site url and receive 50% commission on all sales referred.


Unlimited Access – Only $97
100% Money Back Guarantee