Rip DVDs & Remove Copyright Protection (Free Preview)

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I have a ton of DVDs that I have purchased in the past and I used the following technique to rip all of them to a digital file that I store on my Plex Media Server.  The great thing about this is that you can enjoy watching these movies without an Internet connection and they are great for traveling with kids.  Simply put the movie files on a flash drive, plug them into a laptop, Fire TV, Android Box, and you have movies that you can take with you.

Important Note:  The DVDs that I am ripping are movies that I have purchased and I am simply converting them into a digital file for easy playback/storage.  Yes, in theory you could rent a movie for $1.50 from Red Box, rip it and keep it as yours, but that is your business.

Handbrake Download

Most DVDs come with some sort of copyright protection so you will need to remove that with the css files located below.  I cover all of this within the video tutorial, please watch that first.

Win32 dll file

Win64 dll file

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