Install Kodi on Fire TV or Fire TV (Free Preview)

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 Installing Kodi Media Center onto your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick will provide you with endless opportunities for movies, television shows, live sports, news, adult entertainment…you name it!  Amazon removed Kodi Media Center from their app store for a reason this past year…it was a huge threat!  

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  • Eliminate Kodi buffering with new technique/tool that calculates available ram on your device and automatically inputs settings.
  • Choose from over 170 premium Kodi Builds that you can install with one click. A Kodi build is a bundle of the most popular addons, skins, settings, live tv guides, etc. A build will save you time as you will no longer need to install each addon individually.
  • Create your own Kodi skin backgrounds with a free image editor.
  • Record Kodi streams for later playback.
  • Edit the Kodi menu to your liking by adding shortcuts to your favorite addons, etc.
  • Clone your Fire TV/Stick or Android Box and start making thousands by selling on Ebay/Craigslist. Or, give these devices as gifts to friends and family. They will love them!
  • Install live Android television streaming service.
  • These are just a few…there are so many more.

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Use the following three free videos to install Kodi onto your Fire TV or Stick.  The first video is easiest as it does not require a computer.


Install Kodi on Fire TV or Stick With Free Downloader App

Install Kodi on Fire TV or Stick Without Computer

Install Kodi & ES File Explorer On Fire TV or Fire TV Stick By Using PC, Mac, or Linux

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