Frequently Asked Questions

You will need a device to access the Web site and watch the video tutorials.  The Web site is 100% responsive which means the videos are as well.  You can watch the videos on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

All software referenced within the e-course is free of charge and download links are provided.


Absolutely.  When updated techniques are discovered, new video tutorials will be added.  Four new videos have been added within the first month of existence.  

As stated near the Buy Now button, customers will enjoy unlimited access and there is no expiration.  If the Web site is ever shut down, we will provide an opportunity to each customer to download all content in a zip file to their computer free of charge.  

No, the video tutorials are very detailed and are presented at a slow pace so anyone can follow along.  Each video player includes a sliding progress bar so it is easy to fast-forward and rewind.

Yes, we pride ourselves on how well this e-course works on all types of devices.  Many people follow the instructional videos on their tablets or smart phones while they are in front of their television/Fire TV device.

We are not technically teaching you how to jailbreak your Fire TV/Stick.  See comments about jailbreaking below.  We provide instructions on how to install applications that are not included within the Amazon App store.  We then provide instructions on how to gain access to Kodi Media Center which opens endless possibilities for movies, television shows, live sports, kids entertainment, old-school roms (Nintendo, Super Nintendo, etc.).

We will provide a full refund within 7 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with the Fire Unleashed E-Course.  

The modifications that this e-course teaches do not modify the Fire TV/Stick source code in any way.  The term “jailbreak” often refers to gaining root access so a person can write code onto the device.  It is not possible to gain root access on the new Fire TV or Fire TV Sticks.  The video lessons within the e-course provide instructions on how you can legally modify your Fire TV device so you can increase functionality.

Yes, the Fire Unleashed E-Course video lessons will work for both devices plus it supports the original Fire TV and second generation Fire TV.